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Yoga is your time

Safe Space

Emily guides you through the practice, but you have choices and options you can take depending on how your body and mind are feeling in that moment. All students are welcome to come as they are, and our uniqueness is embraced and respected.

Use of props are encouraged to make the practice work for you. Emily creates a safe space based on trauma-informed principles.

Your time to be curious, playful, strong, soft, reflective... whatever you want to be!

Yoga focuses on strength and softness, building mobility and flexibility for all levels. Through linking your breath to movement, you can develop a greater awareness of your body and can relax into different poses.

A great practice in your week also for active rest and recovery.

The yoga classes are based on Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, and options are given to allow all abilities to join.

Emily is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne / Gateshead, UK.

'Life Signature' is an approach Emily takes in life, asking these key questions:

What is important in life?

What would I sign on the dotted line for?

What would my Life Signature be?

Find out more about Emily, her reasons for sharing yoga, and her responses to these questions...